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GOP Donor Payments Assisted Justice Thomas
CNN Political Briefing

A new ProPublica report details how Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose school tuition payments a billionaire GOP donor made for Thomas’ grandnephew’s education. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down all the revelations with some justices that are raising ethical questions around the high court. CNN Senior Supreme Court Analyst Joan Biskupic also explains what this means for the court’s reputation and where the court could go from here.

May 4, 2023

Trump’s Debate Qualms & Biden’s Ad Buy
CNN Political Briefing

Primary debate drama, campaign ad buys, fundraising – the 2024 presidential race is starting to pick up for both parties. CNN Correspondent Kristen Holmes breaks down why former President Donald Trump might not show up at some of the primary debates, and how President Joe Biden’s campaign is kicking into higher gear.

May 3, 2023

The US Braces for a Migrant Influx
CNN Political Briefing

The US is preparing for a surge of migrants to cross the southern border after a pandemic-era border policy expires next week. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains how the Biden administration and one border town are getting ready. House Republicans unveiled their border security package, but passing any comprehensive immigration reform is highly unlikely.

May 2, 2023

Biden & McCarthy’s Debt Limit Staring Contest
CNN Political Briefing

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy aren’t budging when it comes to raising the debt ceiling before the looming deadline. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains where things stand and what’s at stake if the US’ borrowing limit isn’t raised.

May 1, 2023

First Republic Teeters, Wages Rise
CNN Political Briefing

Federal regulators dissected Silicon Valley and Signature banks today, delivering post-mortems on last month’s banking crisis. But on Wall Street, the crisis is far from over, with shares of First Republic Bank plummeting amid fears it could go into receivership. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains the latest on the economy and how the White House is reacting. Also, the latest federal numbers and what they say about the state of the economy.

Apr 28, 2023

Disney vs. DeSantis Saga Continues
CNN Political Briefing

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out from Israel today after being sued by Disney. CNN’s Tami Luhby breaks down how the latest in the Florida saga, and what both sides are saying. Also, why is the American governor making a whistle-stop international tour?

Apr 27, 2023

House Passes GOP Debt Ceiling Bill
CNN Political Briefing

The House passed the GOP debt ceiling bill this evening, after an 11th-hour push by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his allies. CNN’s Tami Luhby breaks down what we can expect next for the package – and what’s in it after GOP leaders made concessions to holdouts. Plus, what we’re learning about when the US might default.

Apr 26, 2023

Biden Announces 2024 Run
CNN Political Briefing

“Let’s finish the job.” That’s the pitch President Joe Biden made to voters during his reelection campaign announcement early today. Now, questions remain around what Biden’s campaign will look like, and what challenges face him as a candidate. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down how the president kicked off his campaign.

Apr 25, 2023

Biden Gears up for 2024 While Trump Leads GOP Field
CNN Political Briefing

President Joe Biden is gearing up to officially announce his reelection bid, while a new poll shows Americans don’t want a 2020 rematch in 2024. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down two issues that could be tough for Biden to navigate while campaigning. Plus, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is testing his presidential ambitions overseas as Donald Trump maintains his frontrunner status.

Apr 24, 2023

Biden Set to Announce 2024 Campaign
CNN Political Briefing

President Joe Biden has been saying he plans to run for reelection for months. Now, it looks like a formal announcement is in sight. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down when we can expect an announcement in the coming days, and what Biden’s campaign might look like. Plus, how former President Donald Trump is faring against his fellow GOP contenders.

Apr 21, 2023

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